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Meet your goals in 2020:

5 marketing tools and tactics you can use right now

If you’re just like the rest of us, this is the time of year where you make resolutions and then break them a week later. We can help you stop this cycle! If you’ve resolved to do everything you can to get more business in 2020, start right here. (If you’ve resolved to exercise more and eat less ice cream, you’re on your own!)

Tactic #1: Build your personal brand through social media

Keep on top of your social platforms when you subscribe to our Social Media Cafe. Not only will you get monthly tips and tricks delivered to your inbox, you can also tap into our shareable content.

Go to Social Media Cafe

Tactic #2: Reach out to referral partners

Stay in front of your referral partners with professionally designed marketing collateral. Creative Cafe offers do-it-yourself customizable marketing flyers and infographics in both English and Spanish!

Go to Creative Cafe

Tactic #3: Connect with first-time homebuyers

Explore new ways to reach out – share a calculator (our Buy Now vs. Wait is very popular) or get leads through our online borrower education program. You’ll find a variety of educational tools to help you connect.

How to Reach First-Time Homebuyers

Tactic #4: Expand into a new market: Hispanic homebuyers

The Hispanic homebuyer demographic has steadily increased in recent years. With almost 60 million Hispanics living in the U.S., learning how to reach this untapped demographic can make a huge difference in the growth of your business.

Tactic #5: Earn more referrals when you increase borrower options

Use our 15 > 20 concept to help borrowers hold on to more of their savings to use for retirement savings, college tuition costs, or remodeling.

Learn About 15>20

No time to explore each link? Ask your account manager for a personal tour and to share specific ways to use these tactical tools. They will LOVE to hear from you.

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